Class 8th English August masik Aklan paper – Cg Board

मासिक आकलन 2022-23

माह – अगस्त 2022

कक्षा – 8. विषय – अंग्रेजी

1. The work was completed two hours. []

(a) by

(b) in

(c) for

(d) at

Ans- In. []

2. During the previous holidays I grandmother. ……… to visit my

(a) go

(b) am going

(c) went

(d) come

Ans- (b) am goin. []

प्र. 3. The sack of cotton was very light but the sack of salt was

(a) dark

(b) heavy

(c) black

(d) bright

Ans- (b) heavy. []

4.You have not brought your homework copy. What will you say when the teacher asks you for it? (

Teacher: Submit your homework copy.


Ans- sir I Forgot my Homework Copy At My Home  []


Que.5 Complete the conversation using ‘Why, Where, When, Who

“I am going to Mumbai.”

……..are you going there?

Ans- When []

“Next Saturday:

…….. will you be staying?

Ans- Where.[]

“In Bandra”

..,…….is going with you?”

Ans- WhO

“My brother, Mohan”

……..are you going there?”


“To meet my uncle”

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मासिक आकलन कक्षा 8वी संस्कृत

.6.Rearrange the words to form proper sentence (

(a) used, very, I, to be, shy.

(b) his teeth, cut, The mouse, the net, with.


(a) I used to be very shy.

(b) The mouse cut the net with his teeth

.Qu7. Read the story and answer the questions that follow. (

The rainbow fish was the most beautiful fish in the  She had shiny scales of red, green and blue colour. She did not swim near the other black, brown and white coloured fishes. She was very proud of her beauty. Being alone she was eaten up by the

big shark. But nobody missed her or cried for her.

(i) What happened to the rainbow fish in the end?

(a) It went to another sea.(b) It lived with the shark.

(b) It lived with the shark.

(c) It died.

(d) It started cryin

Ans- (c) (c) It died. (

(ii) The story is about….

(a) coloured fishes

(b) black, brown, and white fish

(c) rainbow fish

(d) a big shark

Ans- (c) rainbow fish. (

(iii) From the story find the oppositwe of ‘humble’.


3-Read the extract from the lesson and answer the questions that follow:(

Every year after the harvest when food for wild peacocks is scarce, Karangia sets up centres in villages where the birds are looked after and fed. And during a flood, a few years ago, Karangia spent two days looking for peacocks marooned on treetops.

(1) Food for the wild peacocks is scarce……

(a) during the flood.

(b) in the centre.

(c) on the tree tops.

(d) after the harvest.

Ans- (d) after the harvest.(

(ii) The phrase that means ‘builds’ in the paragraph is ….

(a) marooned on

(c) looked after

(b) sets up

(d) food for

Ans-(b) sets up (

(i) Who cared for the peacocks?

Ans- Karangia

Qu.9. Write five sentences on Jawaharlal Nehru on the points give. below:

14th November 1889…….. born in Allahabad UP

Ans-Javahar lal nehru 

Parents: Motilal Nehru; Swarup Rani Nehru

Wife: Kamala Nehru, Daughter Indira Gandhi

1947 to 1964………

Ans- Javahar lal nehru was elected long

first served as Prime Minister of India

May 27th 1964 ……died in New Delhi.

Ans- He

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