Class 10th English Trimasik Aklan paper 2022-CG Board

Cg board trimasik paper – 2022

Class – 10

Subject: English (Special)

Time: 3 hours]. (Maximum Marks: 75

Class 10th English Trimasik  Aklan paper 2022-CG Board


(i) Answer all questions.

(ii) Question Nos. 2 to 6 carry 2 marks each. Answer in about 30 words.

(iii) Question Nos. 7 to 10 carry 3 marks each. Answer in about 50 words.

(iv) Question Nos. 11 to 13 carry 4 marks each. Answer in about 75 words.

(v) Question Nos. 14 and 15 carry 5 marks each. Answer in about 100 words.

(vi) Question Nos. 16 and 17 carry 8 marks each. Answer in about 150 words.

Q.1 (A) Choose the correct answer: [1×5=5]

(i) Act of causing a great physical or mental pain:

(a) laughing

(b) suffering

(c) torturing

(d) playing

(ii) After a time period of thousand years:

(a) post-millennium

(b) post-century

(c) post-decade

(d) post-mortem

(iii) A British coin in use till 1971:

(a) billing

(b) ceiling

(c) shilling

(d) selling

(iv) Songs of praise usually of God:

(a) hymns

(b) gazal

(c) chorus


(v) Wild grass means:

(a) herbs

(b) reeds

(c) plants

(d) shrubs

यह भी पढ़िए।

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Q.1 (B) Match the following:[1×5=5]


(1) She was so tired- (a)so that you may pass

(ii) I waited for my friend- (b) where match will be played

(iii) Work hard- (c) that she could not run

(iv) This is the stadium- (d) we shall stay at home

(v) If it rains- (e) till he arrived

Q.1 © Fill in the blanks with the correct options given within brackets:

(i) How money do you want? (much, many, more)

(ii) She has been studying.

(iii) John is 4 o’clock. (since, for, during)
European. (a, an, the)

(iv) They do not have money with them. (some, any, few)

(v) Cat is sitting the table. (in, an, on)


Q.2 How did the little kite feel when it sailed up in the sky?

Q.3 What can we understand if we use more than our sight’ in the poem “Including All My Friends”?

Q.4 Why was Beinkensopp absent the day before?

Q.5 What is the speaker’s complaint in the poem ‘About Me’?

Q.6 What would Sumba do if he came across walls, gates and fences?


Q.7 Who was Ibn Battuta?

Q.8 What was the economic condition of the narrator’s family?

Q.9 What did uncle Podger ask the maid to bring and what did he forget to tell her?

Q.10 What does Satyarthi mean by ‘Planet’ in the text?

Q.11 Make a precis of the passage given below about one-third of its length. Also give a suitable title: [1+3=4]

Democracy is based on the principle of equal freedom, equal opportunity and equal rights for all. This is possible if people develop the right democratic temper which can be made possible only by mass education. Equal opportunity means that all should have the opportunity to receive education. Our education should be useful for boys and girls and should build up their character too. In past days education was confined to the people of high or rich class. But it should be open to all. In the distribution of educational opportunity no discrimination should be made between the rich and poor.


A man comes in the world when he is born and he leaves it when he dies. He plays, works, eats and sleeps. Sometimes he peels into laughter, the next time he sheds tears. His main purpose of living in the world is to attain pleasure and to avoid pains. He comes across success and failure in his attempts to get pleasure. He makes some people his friends and other people his enemy. He maintains his good and bad relations with the people of the world. He earns name and fame. health and wealth. knowledge and power. He thus gets maturity of body and mind. Curiously enough all his achievements come to an end one day, when he leaves this world and goes empty handed to the other world.

Q.12 Write a report on ‘A Road Accident”.


Write a report on ‘Independence Day Celebration in School’.

Q.13 Write a paragraph on Environmental Pollution’ using the hints given:

(i) Environment–air, water, land

(ii) Source of pollution

(iii) Ecological balance

(iv) Suggestion-plantation, shifting of factories and mills


Write a paragraph on ‘Annual Day Celebration’ using the hints given:

(1) The chief guest

(ii) School noisily declared

(iii) Garland

(iv) Gave away prize

(v) Speech of chief guest

(vi) Thanks giving

Q.14 Do as directed (any five):[1×5-5]

(i) I was taking food.(Change into past perfect tense)

(ii) He……. for a walk (go).
(Use correct form of verb from the bracket)

(iii) Mohan plays very well….. ? (doesn’t Mohan, doesn’t he, does he)

(iv) I do my work. (Change into negative sentence)

(v) He is playing. (Add question tag)

(vi) Gopal runs fast. (Make emphatic sentence)

(vii) He was talking on the phone……… I arrived. (Fill in the blank using ‘while/when’)

(viii) You pray to God daily.
(Change into interrogative sentence)

Q.15 Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:

Daddy was a freelance writer contributing short stories to Tamil magazines and scripts for film, although the film offers were few and far between. Before I was born, he’d once held a steady, well-paying
job in Trivandrum as Malayalam news reader, his name Nagarcoil K. Padmanabhan was known to All India Radio listeners in Kerala. He’d suddenly resigned from AIR to pursue with relentless passion, his dream of being a writer. Among Daddy’s early friends in Chennai were actor Gemini Ganesan and Nagesh, the comedian. Ganesan continued to visit us even after he became famous. I would look out, star-struck, as his blue Fiat drove in. He’d tease my handsome dad, calling him, “Maapilai” and the two would go on talking shop.

Questions (any five): [1×5=5]

(1) What was Daddy’s job before the birth of the narrator?

(ii) Why did he resign from AIR?

(iii) Who used to drive in the blue Fiat to meet Daddy?

(iv) Who were the friends of Daddy in Chennai?

(v) What did Gemini Ganesan used to call Daddy to tease him?

(vi) Which line in the passage means that Daddy and his friend talked a lot about their work all the time?

Q.16 Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

India is a land of farmers who are very simple and hard-working. Their only wealth is their land. If their crops fail, they run into debt and lead a miserable life. They are mostly uneducated. They are not familiar with the new implements and improved methods of farming. They use the same kind of plough as was used many centuries ago. Our Government is trying its best to improve the lots of the farmers. They are encouraged to use the modern implements, good seeds and manures. They are given loans at a low rate of interest. Development blocks have been opened all over the country. The blocks supply superior seeds and good manure to the farmers. Fortunately most of the farmers have started to use new methods of farming and will soon become happier.

Questions (any eight):

(i)Wealth of the farmer is:

(a) money

(b) land


(ii) Farmers in India lead miserable life when :

(a)they run into debt

(b) they do not use new methods

(C) they do not work hard

(iii) Government encourages farmers:

(a)to become happy

(b)to work hard

(c)to use new methods

(iv) The phrase ‘running into debt’ means:

(a) earn money

(b) lend money

© borrow money

(v) The word ‘loan’ means:

(a) gift

(b)deposit money

(c) lend money

(vi) What are the qualities of Indian farmers?

(vii) How will the farmers become happier?

(viii) Give antonyms of the following words from the passage:

(a) Inferior

(b) Discourage

(ix) What are Indian farmers not familiar with?

Q.17 Write an essay on any one of the following topics:

(i) Swachh Bharat Mission

(ii) My Hobby

(iii) Any Great Leader

(iv) Wonders of Science

(v) An Indian Festival

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