7th English Masik Aklan August paper Solution download

मासिक आकलन 2022-23

माह – अगस्त 2022

कक्षा – 7

विषय – अंग्रेजी

.1. Fill in the blank by choosing the correct word given option.

After pouring hand soap in the palm we

(a) pour water

(b) rub it in the palm

(c) wet our hands

(d) dry our hands

Ans- (b) rub it in the palm

question 2. Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

Our school library the latest books.

(a) has

(b) was

(c) have

(d) be

Ans- Has

Qu.3.Choose the correct answer. 1 अंक

The rabbit grumbled unhappily Here ‘grumbled’ means.

(a) explained

(b) complained

(c) searched

(d) fetched

Ans- (b) complained

अति लघु उत्तरीय प्रश्न –

Que4 . Arrange the jumbled words into meaningful sentences.

2 अंक

(a) go, out, 1. may, please

Ans- may I Go Out Please

(b) our, us, teacher, stories, tells

Ans- our teacher Stories Tells Us

Qu5. Complete the dialogues using the given options. 2 अंक

(i)………likes the stories?

Rahul like the stories.

(a) Who

(b) When

(c) Where

(d) What

Ans- Who

(ii) Meena: I got the first prize. Raju:

(a) Good morning

(b) Congratulations

(c) Thank you

(d) Sorry

Ans- Congratulations

π.6. Rewrite the sentences in proper order.

All came to help him.

They helped him to stand up.

Vijay fell down.

Then they all started playing again.

Ans- Vijay fell down.

All came to help him.

They helped him to stand up.

Then they all started playing again

Que.7. Read the passage and answer the questions. 3 अक

A flock of doves flew away from their home in search of food. The birds were tired and hungry. They were flying over a forest. The smallest of the doves was so tired that he said to the dove king, “Can we rest a bit?” Dove king replied, “We are sure to find some food soon”. So the little dove flapped his wings harder He flew so fast that he found himself ahead of all the others.  “Come on, hurry up. I can see some food down there”.

The doves looked down and there they saw some rice scattered on the ground just below a big banyan tree.


(i) Write the name of a bird from the passage.

ans- doves

(ii) What did the king reply to the little dove?

Ans- Dove king replied, “We are sure to find some food soon”.

(iii) Who was tired among the birds?

Ans- The smallest of the doves was so tired

Qu.8. Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions.

Little Radha set off for grandmother’s little cottage in the woods. She was wearing a red frock, red cap, red and white socks and red shoes. “How glad grandma would be with the freshly baked cakes and chocolate cookies!” he thought. As she walked through the woods she could see deer, monkeys and could hear the birds singing and see pretty wild flowers.


(1) ‘Cottage’ in this passage means

(a) tree

(b) forest

(c) house

(d) city

Ans- (b) forest

(ii) Name two food items from the passage.

Ans-cakes and chocolate

(iii) From the passage find the opposite of ‘sad’.

Ans- glad 

दीर्घ उत्तरीय प्रश्न –

.9. Write down a five sentences about what you would like Robby, the robot to do for you? (See the example given.)

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